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Mortgage Frequently Asked Questions
Mortgage Frequently Asked Questions

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A mortgage broker is simply an individual who works to connect people. In this case, we work on your behalf to find the best possible mortgage loan (and lender) for your situation. We leverage the many partnerships and connections we’ve developed over the years on your behalf. 

A mortgage broker is best situated to find the mortgage product and terms that are most favorable to you as a borrower. We leverage our years of experience and our industry connections to get you the best possible loan. The bottom line – our loan originators work for you, not the big banks.

We do! In fact, we have access to more mortgage loans than any individual bank does. We’ve developed partnerships with a large list of financial institutions across the country and (as a mortgage broker) will work to determine which can best meet your needs. We offer conventional loans, USDA, VA, FHA, jumbo, and many other products. 

Not only are they competitive – they’re some of the best on the market. We provide our borrowers access to wholesale interest rates, which are consistently the lowest mortgage rates available. We’re committed to providing aggressively low rates, and our mortgage experts will work with you to find the best possible mortgage loan (and rate) for your situation.

First, you’ll get connected to one of our expert Mortgage Loan Originators. They will be with you every step of the way through this process, and are your go-to contact with any questions related to your loan. After a discussion of your goals, they’ll send you an electronic loan application to complete which will eventually be used by our underwriting team to locate the best possible lender for your situation. We do all the legwork on your behalf!

Arizona Lending Group does business in every corner of this great state! Our main office is in Scottsdale, but we also serve communities in and around Tucson, Prescott, Flagstaff, Yuma – anywhere in the Grand Canyon State. Our approach is locally-focused and you can expect the same great service regardless of which Arizona community you call home.

Yes. Our team of Mortgage Loan Originators is here for you – why not put our years of experience to work? We’re available Monday-Sunday, 7:00a to 9:00p, just click the “Contact Us” button below!

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Arizona Lending Group is a local Mortgage Lenders and Mortgage Broker in Scottsdale, Arizona. With the backing of longstanding, established banks. We take the lowest rates on the market and offer them to our clients along with industry-leading turn times and around-the-clock customer service.

We offer a one-of-a-kind service to create customers for life.

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