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PO Box 1932

Scottsdale, AZ 85252

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Every Day 07:00a - 09:00p MST

ALG Office in Scottsdale

What's a broker?

A mortgage broker is simply an individual who works to connect people. In this case, we work on your behalf to find the best possible mortgage loan (and lender) for your situation. We leverage the many partnership and connections we've developed over the years on your behalf. 

Why should I work with a broker?

A mortgage broker is best situated to find the mortgage product and terms that are most favorable to you as a borrower. We leverage our years of experience and our industry connections to get you the best possible loan. Our Loan Officers work for you, not the big banks.

Do you offer the same loans as my bank?

We do! In fact, we have access to more mortgage products than any individual bank does. We've developed partnerships with a long list of financial institutions across the country and (as a mortgage broker) will work to determine which will best meet your needs. We offer conventional loans, FHA loans, USDA loans, VA loans, jumbo loans, and many other specialty products.

Are your interest rates competitive?

Not only are they competitive, they're some of the best on the market. We provide our clients access to wholesale interest rates, which they won't find at a normal bank. We're committed to providing aggressively low rates, and will even match our competitors (see terms).

How does the process work?

The first step is to reach out to one of our Loan Officers - they'll be with you every step of the way and are ready to discuss your goals, recommend solutions, and walk you through the process. In fact, you can click here to learn more about our process and reach out to our team.

Where in Arizona do you operate?

Arizona Lending Group does business in every corner of this great state! Our main office is in Scottsdale, but we have representatives available to serve all communities, including Tucson, Prescott, Yuma, and everywhere in between. Our approach is locally-focused and you can expect the same great service no matter where you're located.

I'm not ready to apply, can you still help?

Yes! Our team of Loan Officers is here for you, regardless of which stage you're at in the homebuying or refinancing process. Why not put our years of experience and great service to work for you? We're available every day from 7am to 9pm, click here to get started.

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