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Our Core Values

Our Core Values are at the center of all we do here at ALG.

Handshake - Respect


For ourselves, our clients, and our community, respect for each other and for the process is a key value – and it’s exhibited in everything we do.

man on phone

Reliability and Responsiveness

Our clients trust us to answer their calls and questions at any hour, and to respond with urgency – a responsibility we take to heart.

"When the Banks are Closed,

ALG is Open!"

man thumbs up

Accuracy and Excellence

We are the absolute best at everything we do, from big projects down to tiny details – you can always count on us to get it right.

man buttoning suit

Integrity and Humility

Our clients can trust that our business practices are built on the pillars of truth, trust, and honesty – we’ll always do the right thing.

light bulbs innovation


We will always be at the cutting edge of what we do, constantly benchmarking and improving – delivering a one-of-a-kind experience to our clients. 



We pair the most established, longstanding lenders with the care and service of a small-town office to meet the mortgage needs of individuals across the State of Arizona: cementing ourselves as the most innovative, engaged, and effective brokerage available.


To offer a fresh and refined take on the mortgage industry to our clients across Arizona, creating an experience so rewarding and well executed that clients are genuinely excited to refer their friends or visit us again.


Get to Know us Better

Give us a call today - our associates are waiting to assist you.

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