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Phoenix is Arizona's largest city (by population and land area) and serves as the state capital. It's known worldwide for its exceptional economy and culture. Arizona Lending Group proudly offers home loans and other mortgages to all Phoenicians. 

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Neighborhoods in Phoenix

Phoenix is divided into 15 Urban Villages - each with its own unique local flair and distinct neighborhoods. Learn a bit about each one of these communities below.

Ahwatukee neighborhood

Ahwatukee Foothills

Ahwatukee Foothills, colloquially referred to as Ahwatukee, is located south of South Mountain Preserve. This village is defined by family-oriented & outdoor lifestyles, and is primarily low-rise, single-family development. We offer mortgages and home loans in Ahwatukee.

Downtown Phoenix road

Central City

The Central City Village is located right in the middle of Phoenix, and includes the downtown area. As such, it is the densest & most urban of the 15 villages, and is a focal point for the entire metropolitan area. We offer home loans and mortgages to individuals in the Phoenix Central City area.

Encanto Park


The Encanto village is located just north of Downtown Phoenix, and includes a large number of multifamily communities and high-rise office buildings. Residents enjoy the Art Walk, which includes several local art museums, theatres, and parks. We provide mortgages in Encanto.

Maryvale park Phoenix


Maryvale is a community in central Phoenix near the southern terminus of Grand Ave. It is home to two MLB Spring Training facilities and includes many neighborhoods originally constructed in the post-war housing boom. We offer home loans and mortgages in Maryvale.

Paradise Valley AZ

Paradise Valley

Paradise Valley is an established community with abundant shopping, housing, and employment. The Open Space Charter helps to preserve large lot sizes and natural landscapes that are otherwise rare in such an urbanized area. Arizona Lending Group offers mortgages in Paradise Valley.

Uptown Plaza in Alhambra


Alhambra is located just north of the "heart" of Phoenix, near the geographic center. It was built primarily in the 40s and 50s, and is characterized by its small ranch-style homes. It is a historic community, including well-known landmarks like the Murphy Bridle Path and Windsor Square.

Deer Valley Park

Deer Valley

The Deer Valley village is located in North Phoenix, around the intersection of I-17 and AZ Loop 101. This community includes a variety of housing types, several fast-growing neighborhoods, and a large number of employers. We can help with mortgage loans in Deer Valley.

Estrella park


Estrella is located on the western border of Phoenix, near cities like Goodyear and Tolleson. This village is growing quickly, and includes many major employment centers in the warehousing, transportation, and logistics businesses. Our team offers home loans in Estrella.

North Gateway Village AZ

North Gateway

As the name suggests, North Gateway is a village located along I-17 at the northern end of the Phoenix city limits. It is known for various retail and office complexes, as well as scenic trails and desert landscapes. Arizona Lending Group offers home loans and mortgages in North Gateway.

I-17 in Rio Vista AZ

Rio Vista

Rio Vista is a largely rural and undeveloped village in far north Phoenix, along the west side of I-17. The area has views of the Black and Daisy Mountains and is poised to see an increase in development in the coming decade. We offer home loans in the Phoenix Rio Vista area. 

Camelback East

Camelback East

Camelback East is a village located directly east of Alhambra on the border with Scottsdale. It includes parts of the Phoenix Mountains Preserve and North Mountain Park. The Phoenix Zoo and Desert Botanical Garden are also in the neighborhood. We offer home loans and mortgages in Camelback East.

Desert View Village Phoenix

Desert View

Desert View is located along the far northeast border of Phoenix, and includes a large section of scenic, undisturbed Sonoran Desert land. From rural, low-density housing to high-end retail and office space, the Desert View village is unique. We're proud to offer home loans in Desert View Village.

Laveen AZ subdivision


Laveen Village is located south of Estrella, bordering the northern side of the South Mountain Preserve. It has long been populated by farmers, outdoor enthusiasts, and other individuals who prefer rural character without leaving the city. We offer mortgages in Laveen.

Hilton Pointe in Phoenix

North Mountain

North Mountain is located in the heart of North Phoenix along the Paradise Valley border. It is an established suburban residential village built into the foothills of the Phoenix Mountains Preserve. Arizona Lending Group offers mortgages to residents in North Mountain and Moon Valley. 

South Mountain neighborhood

South Mountain

South Mountain is a diverse community located on the north side of South Mountain (opposite of Ahwatukee, which is located on the South Side). This village encompasses the transition between urban downtown phoenix and suburban developments. We offer mortgages in South Mountain. 

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